Safety Procedures


The Attic Golf Lounge is a safe place to be. Every touchpoint in our simulators are sanitized between each group. We have hand sanitizer and sterile wipes at each swing bay for our Members to use while they play.


Procedures when you arrive:


  1. Park in our newly paved parking lot 15 minutes before your tee time

  2. Enter the Clubhouse through the main entrance (near the banquet hall)

  3. Change your shoes in our waiting room

  4. Wait for a Vespra Hills employee to greet you

  5. Answer the Covid-19 questionnaire

  6. Allow our staff to escort you upstairs to The Attic Golf Lounge

  7. Enjoy your golf round


Watch the video below for clarity.

How to Book Time


Members can book time by phoning 705-721-3303 and pressing 1

or emailing


Sundays & Mondays are reserved for golf lessons with Ben Groome.


For lessons email:


Tuesday: 10am-5pm (League times from 6pm-9pm)

Wednesday: 10am-5pm (League times from 6pm-9pm)

Thursday: 10am-5pm (League times from 6pm-9pm)

Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm


Hours subject to change.