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The land which is the core of our property was once the home of the Pratt family. The

Homestead 9 is so named because it is where Mac’s wife, Beth Frost (nee Pratt) grew up.

Mac and Beth’s daughter, Cinder, manages the golf club today. Fred and Pearl Pratt farmed the 100 acres of the “Homestead 9” and Fred purchased another 170 acres behind that (now part of the Sand Hills and Still Valley nines) and put it in Beth’s name when she was a small child. That property has remained in the family’s hands to this day.

When time permits, Beth can be counted on to regale us with stories of life on the “old home place”. We hope to capture some of these to share with our members as we carry on enjoying the land as we know it now.

When Mac designed and began working on the golf course, he bought back the “front field” which had changed hands, and a property on either side of the original Pratt place, and began construction of the Sand Hills and Homestead nines. When his health deteriorated in 2002 his daughter Cinder stepped in to oversee the design and construction of the Still Valley nine, the Pro Shop, and in the 2010 season opened the new clubhouse on the hill. With a loyal and talented staff to support her efforts the “family business” has a warm welcoming atmosphere at Vespra Hills.

A Tale of Three Nines

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